Commercial Application


Make an entrance

First impressions make all the difference. That's why the right glass doors are essential, whether someone is entering a room or a skyscraper. Selecting the right glass not only sets the stage for each person’s experience but adds natural light without sacrificing safety, security or privacy. It also allows you to build energy-efficient solutions, even when people come and go at all hours.

A glass entrance to a building is open and inviting, with the ability to control access, provide security, including impact resistance, and be an integral part of the overall energy management of the building.

Open to everything – but the sun

By incorporating solar control glass, you can choose whether to reflect solar heat from highly exposed doors or accept additional solar heat from areas that can benefit from the sun’s free energy. With optimal solar protection, you can allow in as much natural light as possible, reducing the building’s need for artificial light. That not only reduces energy consumption and saves money, but also helps meet the latest energy and green building codes.

Enter inspired

Guardian Glass offers a variety of product options for commercial doors, including laminated glass for safety and security, acid-etched translucent glass for beauty and privacy, decorative glass and tinted glass for aesthetic details, and solar control glass to help keep a building warm and reduce heating and air conditioning costs.

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