Glass for residential applications

Glass for residential applications

The perfect home companion

From energy-saving window glass to one-of-kind features for the latest homes, Guardian Glass knows that when it comes to glass, there’s no place like home. Manufacturers can find the latest technologies to give their customers comfort, convenience and savings.Whether you need glass that is brighter, warmer, safer or quieter, Guardian Glass has the right glass for your needs and your climate.

Exterior applications


The “welcome” to your home. Choose beautiful glass that also offers money-saving performance.

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Durable, structurally safe and able to withstand the elements, the right glass makes the greenhouse.

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Whether you are looking for solar control, thermal insulation, low reflection, safety and security, sound reduction, decoration or privacy, Guardian Glass has a window product that can do all of that–and save you money for years to come.


Interior applications


Open up your living spaces, reduce the need for artificial light and provide a natural source of daylight with glass balustrades, balconies, partitions and barriers.

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Picture frames

Guardian’s anti-reflective and anti-glare picture frame glass is the perfect solution for framing paintings, portraits, certificates, posters or photographs.

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Bring innovation home with glass flooring. Glass flooring gives homes a conversation piece, visibility between levels and additional natural light.

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Use glass as a design feature in a variety of home furnishings, such as kitchen and dining tables, coffee tables, shelves, picture frames, cupboards, wardrobes, mirrors and two-way mirrors for digital displays.

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