Technical application


Beauty starts at the surface

Innovation in electronic devices is transforming the way we communicate, capture images and transmit information. Selecting the right glass for electronic devices optimises the power of these instruments with glass surfaces of equal quality and sophistication. Guardian Glass custom-designs glass solutions for electronic devices by combining glass substrates with powerful performance coatings and fabrication treatments such as cutting, tempering, laminating, specialty edging and silk screening.

Our solutions

Guardian Glass offers global supply-chain management, value-driven research and development and just-in-time procurement—all to provide your company with electronics glass exactly when and where you need it. Guardian can work with you from concept to component to finished product, delivering your most rigorous specifications and manufactured with stringent quality controls.

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We partner with industry innovators to develop custom solutions and develop some of the most groundbreaking ways to use glass. Contact us today to see how you can enhance your product with Guardian glass.