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Whether you’re flooding a stadium with light so fans don’t miss a play or lighting a roadway for optimal viewing and safety, Guardian Glass give you leading-edge performance and unmatched design flexibility. When your lighting application demands the best, consider the durability and clarity of Guardian lighting solutions without sacrificing energy efficiency or light transmission.

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Guardian Glass lighting solutions give you optimal performance, flexibility and control over lighting design. Transmit more light with less residual reflection. Soften the scenery with an acid-etched glass option that diffuses light. Capture and focus light to spotlight your subject and virtually eliminate light pollution. See how our glass products improve lighting conditions.

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Guardian offers global supply-chain management, value-driven research and development and just-in-time procurement—all to provide your company with high-quality large-scale lighting lenses that easily integrate into your high-demand manufacturing systems, exactly when and where you need them.

Guardian ExtraClear®

Guardian ExtraClear®

Guardian's standard float glass with higher light transmission and a more natural and neutral colour


In addition to great products, Guardian Glass provides important information to help lighting manufacturers and end users get the best the industry has to offer.


Heatable glass

Warm away precipitation to keep essential lights bright in demanding environments

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Use of anti-reflective glass in lighting products

Using optimized glass lenses with Anti-reflective (AR) coatings can help luminaires become more efficient in both increasing targeted light distribution and reducing overall energy consumption by reducing component and/or fixture counts

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