Touch sensitive

Technical Application

Touch sensitive

A touch of genius

Smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, kiosks and other touch sensitive experiences have radically changed expectations about how consumers interact with information and their environment. Intuitive user experiences and minimal form factor are expected across consumer, automotive and professional electronics. Guardian Glass has developed float glass and large-area touch screen technologies that will help the next generation of designers and engineers create amazing products.

As large as life

Touch technologies can be achieved on many types of applications. Guardian Glass offers precision float glass as thin as 1mm with light transmission up to 91%. And while most touchscreens are limited by their size, Guardian has developed touch sensitive technology that’s possible at any size and be treated like any other piece of glass. Our touch technology can be coated, bent, tempered and laminated for large format touch screens like never before.

See what’s possible™

We can develop a state-of-the-art touch solution for your next product or project. Contact us to learn more about how Guardian can make your customers feel like they're in the future.