Sound control glass

Exterior noise. Interior serenity.

When homes are located near noisy cities or airports, Guardian Glass offers the perfect solution to reduce the competition between exterior noise and interior serenity. Our glass reduces sound transfer through the window and can be combined with any ClimaGuard low-E product for solar control and energy efficiency as well.

Can you hear that? No.

Guardian laminated glass reduces perceivable noise from traffic, neighbors or even construction by 50% or more. Even without lamination, you may configure insulated glass (IG) units to reduce exterior noise and boost interior peace and quiet.

Sound reduction is a result of a variety of factors, including dual- and triple-glazed IG units vs. single panes, as well as additional glass thickness, or varying glass thicknesses of individual panes, or varying the space between panes as well. It is also a function of component materials, system design, installation and understanding the basic physics of sound. Your Guardian Glass representative can help design an IG unit that meets all of your specific material, installation and sound control needs.

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In urban settings and for homes near airports, Guardian glass can be used to reduce the competition between outside noise and inside serenity. See how we help window manufacturers and homeowners control sound with laminated glass.