Tempered residential glass

Protect your home and what's inside

Fully tempered Guardian glass is produced by heating the glass to above 600°C, then rapidly cooling it to lock the glass surfaces in compression and the core in tension. This process at least quadruples its strength when compared to annealed, or plain, glass of the same thickness and configuration. Tempered glass is often referred to as “safety glass,” due to its strength and lower likelihood of breaking. If it does break, however, it breaks into relatively small fragments which are less likely to cause serious injury.

It is the perfect glass for not only general glazing, but also safety glazing, such as sliding doors, storm doors, building entrances, bath and shower enclosures, interior partitions, and other glass applications requiring superior strength and safety properties. Tempered glass cannot be cut or drilled after tempering and any alterations, such as edge grinding, sand blasting or acid etching, can cause premature failure.

Residential safety & security glass

If you are a window manufacturer looking to learn more about Guardian tempered glass or how to temper Guardian coatings, explore the benefits of partnering with Guardian. If you are a homeowner looking for tempered glass solutions, find a company that uses Guardian glass.