Glass type

Anti-reflective glass

Maximum visibility

The most basic goal of glass—the ability to see through it—often poses a paradox. While the glass itself is crystal clear, its surroundings can provide obstacles to the view, such as glare and reflection. Anti-reflective glass provides maximum visibility while minimizing light reflection and glare. The result is perfect, crystal-clear views for museum displays, zoos and aquariums, retail storefronts and sports facilities. Glass façades become amazingly clear, and electronics and digital signage—even in bright sunlight—are easily readable.

Electronics & Advanced Technologies

Guardian Glass anti-reflective (AR) glass coating transmits a truer image as part of high-tech signage, industrial displays, imaging equipment and interactive consumer electronics. Developed in Guardian’s state-of-the-art facilities, this high performance, multilayer sputter coating substantially improves readability in bright environments.


  • Enhances contrast and readability in bright environments
  • Neutral color
  • High durability
  • Heat treatable
  • Available in multiple thicknesses and sizes
  • Worldwide sales and service
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