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Low-iron glass

Other glass is green with envy

Iron oxide is a common ingredient in standard glass because it lowers temperatures during the manufacturing process. As a result the glass carries a green tint. With recent advances in glassmaking, the iron oxide content can be reduced, achieving stunningly clear glass that transmits abundant light.

Low-iron glass can be used almost anywhere regular float glass is used, particularly in applications requiring increased visible light, reduced solar transmission and a crystal-clear appearance. So get ready for clean lines, true colours and breathtaking views with no distractions. With low-iron glass, it’s just your creativity and whatever you want on the other side.

Our solutions: ExtraClear® glass and UltraClear® glass

Guardian brings the process and results of glassmaking to new levels, applying deep knowledge of chemistry, physics and advanced technologies to create glass with the optimal light transmission, clarity and integrity for custom treatments and fabrications. One of our latest and most exciting products, ExtraClear glass maximizes light, defines conventional boundaries and renders background colours, textures and images with impressive fidelity.

Amplify your best work

Combine UltraClear glass with Guardian interior and exterior products for projects that require no colour to accentuate an application or decorative treatment.


UltraClear glass + Guardian’s advanced architectural coatings

ClimaGuard Lami

ClimaGuard Lami

ExtraClear + ClimaGuard Lami

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