Glass type

Tinted glass

Make an extraordinary statement

Tinted glass can create amazing and unique interiors and exteriors as an integral part of the façade or décor of a home, office or commercial building. Tinted glass is perfect for glass partitions, tabletops and doors, and is also used extensively in automotive and transportation applications.

Guardian Glass produces tinted glass with small additions of metal oxides to the float or rolled glass composition. Once tinted, the glass reduces both visible light and solar heat transmission. Tinted glass typically requires tempering , to prevent breakage from high solar heat absorption.

Architectural tinted float

An innovative world leader in float glass products, Guardian is dedicated to continually improving the science and process of manufacturing float glass. In addition to green and gray float glass, these commercial float glass options can expand your design possibilities:


New blue-tinted float glass for high light transmission and energy performance


Light-transmitting, light-gray glass with improved solar control


Slightly darker than standard green tinted glass for better solar properties


Dark-gray glass for privacy, spandrel and solar control options


Enhancing energy savings


Improved solar control and aesthetic appeal