Building regulations

It is fundamental that companies operating in the glass industry within the Brazilian market be compliant with the technical standards that govern the civil construction segment, which constitutes around 66% of the Brazilian float glass market. In collaboration with the national fire authority, glass companies across the region have developed technical instructions that promote the proper inspection of projects with a safety glass application, in an effort to preserve the public’s physical well being and assure asset protection.

The primary technical standard governing the specification, execution and application of glass in the Brazilian civil construction industry is ABNT NBR 7199. This standard provides specifications for the use of the following types of safety glass: tempered glass, sheet glass, bulletproof glass and wire glass. Many of the technical standards impacting the glass market in Brazil can be accessed here.

In order to meet the stringent requirements and market demands for safety and quality, Guardian Glass continues to invest in the latest technology and equipment as well as the research and development of its products. As a result, the Guardian Glass portfolio includes high-quality products for the civil construction industry. All Guardian Glass products, with the exception of glass for mirror applications, can be rolled.

Calculation services

Guardian Glass can help make sure your building is compliant with local requirements and optimized for energy savings and wind load.