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Low-E that allows the sun’s warmth into northern homes. And heats up energy savings.

ClimaGuard 80/70 delivers superior performance in cold, northern regions with significant heating requirements. It provides superior clarity and uses daylight’s natural beauty to:

Better U-value than pyrolytic competitors.

Guardian Industries’ glass scientists and engineers designed ClimaGuard 80/70 to have a strong U-factor of .271 with argon, while maintaining a high solar heat gain. The result is a superior alternative to pyrolytic low-E glass that is neutral in color and attractive and optimized for heating-dominated climates.

Excellent performance in the northern zones.

ClimaGuard 80/70 offers excellent insulative properties and passive heat gain performance that:


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ClimaGuard 80/70 Performance

ClimaGuard 80/70 is designed to have high solar heat gain and a low u-factor for northern climates.  As shown below, it can be used in multiple configurations to meet the needs of many applications.


Double Glazed Visible Light     U-Factor
Trans Reflect
80/70 (#3) 81% 13% 13% 41% 0.702 0.271 0.315  N
Triple Glazed                
80/70 (#2) + 80/70 (#5) 73% 17% 17% 26% 0.582 0.183 0.230  N
80/70 (#2) + 70/36 (#5) 63% 17% 14% 16% 0.454 0.174 0.223  N


I.G.U. Construction:
Double glazed: 3.0mm Clr, 1/2" Gap, 3.0mm Clr: Air and 90% Argon/10% Air Filled Units
Triple glazed: 3.0mm Clr, 5/16" Gap, 3.0mm Clr, 5/16" Gap, 3.0mm: Air and 90% Argon/10% Air Filled Units
Performance data calculated using LBNL Window 6 IGDB v.47. All measurements taken from center-of-glass values.
* In a broad selection of representative windows. Criteria is based upon total window performance of which glass performance is a contributor.


Current ENERGY STAR Standards
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