Glass making is real magic, but we are ready to share our secrets with you! In honor of the 10th anniversary of the Guardian Glass in Russia, we are talking about employees who work in our company!

TAC is the Technical Advisory Center, our technical support service, which has the answers to all and all questions. Nothing stumps them: neither the calculations, nor the characteristics of the products, nor the application of glass processing.

Maxim Frolov. Marketing and TAC manager

- What do you do?
- We help our partners to find a glazing solution for a specific project within the framework of existing standards: in terms of safety, functionality and aesthetics. Proper processing and use of our products are also our area of expertise.

- If your profession was not, what would change?
- If it were not for our profession, many clients would never know that people’s life can be made more comfortable by using high-tech glazing, would remain with professional questions that no one could answer, which would suffer quality products. Our work not only helps to reduce the number of complaints at all stages of working with glass: from its shipment to installation on buildings, but also has a certain aesthetic component. After all, we literally improve the appearance of buildings, putting the right products in the right thicknesses, helping in processing and thereby reducing possible distortions.

Vlada Galkina, TAC specialist

- Will a robot be able to do your job? Or does it need human intelligence?
- The experience of our department has more than 10 years in the post-Soviet space. During this time, a lot of knowledge has been accumulated, and even they sometimes do not give us the answer to a non-standard question, which comes to us a lot. In the 5-year perspective, we do not see even a partial replacement of our work with robots. ​

Alexey Pivanov, TAC specialist

- Where can I get this profession? Does it need specialized education?
- There are no such specialties in educational institutions. Therefore, we invite specialists with higher technical education who, not earlier than in 4-6 months, acquire the necessary skills for successful work.

Sergey Slyusar, TAC specialist

- How do you think your work will be changed in the next 10 years?
- Changes will be in this, that's for sure. Software systems will simplify calculations and many of our partners or expert organizations will be able to analyze solutions independently. And we will be engaged in more non-standard calculations with which programs will not cope.