10 years
Guardian Steklo Ryazan

New generation chooses Guardian Glass

Alexandra Sharova is a Guardian Glass team member of the «new generation». She graduated from Ryazan State University named after S. Yesenin, majoring in chemistry. Alexandra got her diploma already being a Guardian intern. Her internship was in the mirror line, and now she is part of the coater team.

- Alexandra, how did you choose your job? What career were you dreaming of?
- I can honestly say that my love of chemistry is deeply rooted in my childhood. My grandmother is a chemist, and she used to take me to work. There I had a chance to have a look at the peculiarities of her job - Mendeleev's table, solvability charts and so on, and I watched my granny work with different substances. You know, I fell in love with this magic. When time came, I decided to follow in her footsteps and applied for Ryazan State University to become a chemist myself. Now this profession is in demand in various industrial spheres. I have not chosen anything definite yet, as I am still enchanted by chemistry on the whole.

- What impressed you most in the first days of your internship?

- Having become an intern, I was appointed to the mirror line of Guardian plant, and the thing that impressed me was the lab. Being a first year student, I visited this factory, and we popped in the laboratory then, as well as the hot end, and, but to have a look at it is one thing, while to work with this equipment and the materials is absolutely different. There was so much that I did not know then!

- What challenges did you come across from the outset?

- I am a very shy person, so at first it was a real problem for me to ask questions or to pluck up my courage and ask somebody for help. However, it all got better and better as time went. My communication skills have definitely improved. You know, my supervisor and all my colleagues asked me hundreds of questions and encouraged me to join discussions, to tell them what I was aware of. So step by step they involved me into interaction and communication, and everything changed for the better. I am no longer embarrassed to ask for help or explanation, so if I do not understand something, I do not hesitate to address the colleagues and I am sure they will give me a hand in whatever seems hard or unknown. If you don’t ask – you will never learn, and if you do not learn, it means you will certainly miss something either in work, or in personal development, or both. That’s the lesson I have come to learn here in Guardian.

- Do practical skills that you have learnt at the plant help you master the complicated technical theory?

- They certainly do. At the mirror line, my position required much knowledge from my major, chemistry, that is. At the lab I had to make practical use of measurement and analysis methods and techniques. At the same time, watching various chemical processes at the lab, I spotted the spheres of knowledge I had to brush up, so it was a great incentive to revise my study materials, look for specialized articles, etc. Now I have joined the coater line team, and the processes here are more connected with physics, rather than chemistry. This is not quite my major, but it does not disappoint me. On the contrary, I consider it a perfect opportunity to expand my professional horizons and get deeper into spheres, directly linked to my occupation.

- As I know, you are a mother. How can you combine family life, education and work?

- To be honest, there was a period of hardships, when I had to leave the job earlier to attend University classes. However, my supervisor was always responsive and understanding. It is not easy, I admit, but if you live this way, you invest your time into several spheres and lose no second, you miss nothing. It often happens that when women are on maternity leave, they have a break in their professional development and career. In general, I love active lifestyle. So if I could combine motherhood, work and study, why not? And that’s exactly what I did!

- What are your plans for the future? How do you envision your further professional growth?

- I plan to work for Guardian, as I love the staff and the professional prospects. It is really inspiring to be part of such a team!