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SunGuard® Neutral

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SunGuard® Neutral

SunGuard® Neutral glass offers high natural light transmission and beautifully clear, transparent views. Yet also thermal insulation and protection from the sun's rays. Helping to reduce energy consumption at the same time as enhancing well-being.

Performance that's clear.

As well as delivering advanced solar control and thermal insulation, the neutral finish of SunGuard Neutral glass transmits natural light beautifully. All of which can have a positive effect on well-being – increasing energy levels and improving mood. While encouraging both bold and uplifting architectural design.

Designing with light

The light transmission and color trueness of SunGuard Neutral makes the glass more adaptable, giving architects and designers more freedom to be inventive with elements like facades and interior layouts.

Designing with light

Practical as well as beautiful

Choosing SunGuard Neutral glass also means you can combine all the aesthetic benefits of a neutral finish with solar control and energy efficiency.

Practical as well as beautiful
SunGuard Neutral
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