Commercial application:

Curtain walls

The fine art of first impressions

A glass façade for a commercial building or retail storefront should provide the best possible performance combined with the most appealing aesthetics. The variety of glass available for façades allows architects and designers to control every aspect of performance, from thermal and solar control to security, colour and the overall design statement of the building.

The sky's the limit

The curtain wall method of glazing enables glass to be used safely in large, uninterrupted areas of a building, creating consistent, attractive facades. The variety of glass products available today allows architects and designers to control every aspect of aesthetics and performance, including thermal and solar control, sound and security, as well as colour, light and glare.

Our solutions

Guardian SunGuard® offers a coated range of coated glass products for curtain walls and facades. In applications that require safety glass, most of our products are available on laminated glass, or can be tempered or heat strengthened by an independent Guardian-certified glass processor. Some of the options include:

SunGuard® Neutral

Multifunctional coated glass is the optimal choice in case one needs to combine glass neutrality with energy efficiency and solar control qualities

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Clear glass, ultra design

In applications where higher light transmission and lower reflection are desirable, Guardian Clarity™anti-reflective glass gives architects more freedom to create buildings that stand out – by increasing visibility at ground level or by creating a stand-out feature as part of a premium glass façade.

When not otherwise specified, Guardian Clarity is coated on the Guardian UltraClear™ low-iron glass. This combination increases light transmission and neutralises the green colour of standard glass, leaving a crystal-clear appearance. For a no-reflection effect, all glass surfaces of a monolithic or insulated glass unit use Guardian Clarity.

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