Art museums

Protect precious artefacts from damage or distress while presenting them in their best light. Virtually remove unwanted glare and reflections while boosting lighting levels so visitors have a clear view and see the full potential of the object, as intended.

Rooftop bars & restaurants

What could be more enjoyable than watching the sunset from a rooftop restaurant hundreds of metres above ground-- without the distraction of the glass? Showcase the view like never before, making memories that can be shared with others, enhancing your venue's reputation.

Penthouse suites

Imagine checking into an exclusive penthouse suite high above Moscow or New York City--the excitement when you first open the blinds to magnificent views. Hopefully, the suite has Guardian Clarity™ antireflective glass. With fewer reflections to obstruct the view, the perceived value of the suite increases.

Stadium executive boxes

Give VIP viewing area guests the most comfortable, unobstructed and closest view of the live action as possible. With Guardian Clarity™ antireflective glass, the view is truly ultra HD, offering guests a more intense experience, raising VIP seat value and increasing word-of-mouth advertising.

Viewing platforms & galleries

Glare and reflection were definitely not a part of Mother Nature's grand design. To truly experience the wonders of the world from viewing platforms, you would prefer to have no visual barrier at all. But when a physical barrier is needed for safety or protection from the elements, why not make it as invisible as possible? Guardian Clarity™ antireflective glass lets spectators enjoy and marvel at the best possible view without interference.


There is nothing more thrilling than a face-to-face encounter with a wild animal. But only if your view is uninterrupted by glare and reflection from the sun, other visitors or surrounding compounds. Help visitors immerse themselves in jungles, savannahs, Arctic vistas or even undersea panoramas. In addition, help reduce disorientation reflections can cause for zoo residents.