Traffic controllers have high-stress jobs keeping the people in planes and in neighboring areas safe, so the glass surrounding them should not add to the challenge. Guardian Clarity™ antireflective glass helps traffic controllers see their planes clearly and without distractions, no matter the weather or conditions.


A beautiful, light-filled atrium is the final, high-end touch to the design of a shopping center or concert hall. People are drawn to gather beneath sun-drenched but surprisingly cool skylights or the warmth of the star-filled sky above, making them feel almost as if they are outside. The excitement of the crowd in the atrium is not only an attention-getter but a mood-setter, and Guardian Clarity is the perfect avenue to get there.

Hotel lobbies & restaurants

Never underestimate the allure of an interesting street-level display. Help hotels and restaurants showcase and attract patrons to a sumptuous design, robust ambiance and the promise of a wonderful experience. Give those on the inside an unimpeded visual experience of the city as well. Thanks to Clarity, it all comes to life with a view unobstructed by reflection and glare.

City windows

There is nothing more magnificent than a room (or office) with a view in a big, beautiful city. Guardian Clarity™ antireflective glass offers stunning views of the surrounding area with fewer reflections and distractions, thus skyrocketing the perceived value of the hotel, office or building.