Car showrooms

Design and appearance often top the list of reasons for vehicle purchase, and you can create the most advantageous showcase without glare, reflections or distractions. Say goodbye to angled glass and hello to Guardian Clarity™ and valuable floor space. Indeed, glass is an essential sales tool for any automotive brand.


When some of the world's most treasured objects and artefacts are on display, glass should be a physical barrier, not an optical one. Guardian Clarity™ antireflective glass, used in combination with other state-of-the art products, removes glare and reflection, increases light transmission and offers a closer, more intimate interaction.


Put the focus directly on the goods a shop displays and not on distracting reflections and glare, especially on sunny days or with nighttime traffic. Only then can you truly showcase quality perceptions of the product on display, bring out colour vibrancy and reduce the need for additional lighting.