Guardian LamiGlass®

You don't have to see it to feel safe

When it comes to enhanced safety and security, as well as additional options like sound control and transparent colour, Guardian LamiGlass® has you covered. It not only meets and exceeds building codes and application requirements, the patented process also makes glass stronger, better protecting building occupants if it is broken. And with sound control and transparent colour options, this superior laminated glass gives architects and designers amazing design flexibility in ultrastrong glass.

Retains glass fragments when broken

Interlayer catches broken pieces

Can be used with other Guardian InGlass® products

Mirror glassand a variety of float products available

UV protection

Absorbs up to 99% of UV light

Fabrication options

May be cut and fabricated after lamination

How it works

Guardian LamiGlass® comprises two or more panes of glass that are bonded together with a PVB interlayer. The interlayer becomes transparent under heat and pressure, strengthening the laminated glass. If the glass does break, the PVB interlayer captures the broken pieces, reducing risk of injury to building occupants. Interlayers designed for sound control or to produce a certain colour can also be included.

Design and application flexibility

Guardian LamiGlass® can be optimized for superior acoustic performance and comes in over 3,000 transparent, translucent or opaque colour options. It can be combined with SunGuard and ClimaGuard coated products to add solar control and thermal insulation to curtain walls, facades, windows, doors and overhead glazing.


High-performance architectural glass that helps architects and designers Build With Light®

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Protect and defend

Our experts are ready to help you select the right glass, whether your project involves gallery doors, bank windows, an aquarium curtain wall or something else. Guardian LamiGlass® works hard to provide the perfect level of safety, security and protection.