Beauty that reflects well on you

The most beautifully reflective and durable mirror offered among Guardian Glass products retains its beauty over time, providing true image reflection with virtually no distortion. Offering a10-year Guardian warranty against deterioration or clouding, Mirror provides unparalleled protection against a range of climates,corrosion, chemicals, moisture and abrasion.

Ultra range

Ideal for interior spaces such as retail and hospitality settings, Mirror performs very well in high traffic spaces where maintaining a beautiful, like-new appearance is crucial. Guardian mirrors are available on clear glass from 2.3 mm through 6.0 mm thick.


  • Wardrobe doors
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Furniture and display cases
  • Ceiling and pillar covers
  • Decorative walls and mirrors for fitness and dance studios

Pick the perfect mirror

Our Mirror helps you offer clients beautiful, like-new durability to display their best reflections, year after year. Let us help design your next project.