SunGuard® Neutral

Performance you can see through

Neutral glass shade is one of the leading trends in modern architecture. Transparency is iconic, it naturally fits in any environment or space. Neutral glass inspires designers to bold experiments with façade geometry or interior structure.

Transparent glass lets the natural sunlight into the building, which, in turn, has a positive effect of people’s mood, increases productivity of workers inside the office space and improves the general well-being of the occupants.Yet, glass today is not only the color or its absence, it is also the functionality. Multifunctional glass SunGuard® Neutral HT coated glass is the optimal choice in case one needs to combine glass neutrality with energy efficiency and solar control qualities.

Block heat

From entering the building's interior

Bright light

Making interiors more comfortable

Save energy

Helps to reduce building operating costs


SunGuard® Neutral HT glass allows light to pass through and effectively protects the inner space from scorching sun rays. It provides comfortable environment inside whatever the weather and helps significantly reduce energy costs. SunGuard Neutral glass series with energy-efficient coating can be tempered and feature products with low and middle levels of reflectance.

Create ideal facades

Guardian Neutral helps architects, fabricators and builders achieve beautiful, transparent and energy-efficient facades. Contact your Guardian Glass representative or fabricator for more information or a sample.