SunGuard® SNX

State-of-the-art glass for state-of-the-art buildings

SunGuard® SNX is the best solar protective glass Guardian has to offer. This state-of-the-art glass helps create an exceptionally comfortable work and living environment. It lets in an astonishing level of natural daylight as well as an amazingly low amount of solar heat. A lower demand for artificial light and air conditioning translates directly to energy cost savings.

SunGuard SNX offers beautiful, neutral transparency and low reflection that add a sophisticated touch to your building’s design. Tight manufacturing guidelines deliver a consistent colour, making SunGuard SNX the ideal choice for completely glazed facades.

State-of-the-art solar protection

Very low heat transfer without sacrificing light transmission

Triple-silver technology

Silver keeps the heat out

Meets stringent energy codes

With approriate glazing composition, depending on the region

No need to compromise

It’s simple. More natural light means happier, more energetic building occupants. You can accomplish “daylighting,” or illuminating buildings by natural light, by using windows, skylights and any other surfaces in your building design. By reducing artificial lighting, these surfaces, in turn, provide effective internal lighting, resulting in energy savings and an overall greener building. Traditionally, more light has meant more heat. However, SunGuard SNX coatings reflect heat while letting larger amounts of light into the building, so you no longer have to sacrifice high light transmission for energy efficiency.


Guardian SunGuard SNX has several products to meet your high light transmission needs while still blocking solar heat, saving on energy costs and helping projects qualify for LEED® credits. SunGuard SNX is available on Guardian UltraClear® low-iron and Guardian ExtraClear™.


SNX 60

Helps reduce energy costs by lowering the demand for artificial lighting, air conditioning and heating

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SNX 50

Helps reduce energy costs by lowering the demand for artificial lighting, air conditioning and heating

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State-of-the-art designs require state-of-the-art glass. Here are some of the many buildings that trust Guardian SunGuard SNX to meet their goals.


Astana Expo

Astana, Kazakhstan

Nur Alem, the stunning sphere at the centre of Expo 2017 Astana, is the largest spherical building in the world with a diameter of 80 and height of 100 metres and was designed by prominent American architect duo Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill.


Create ideal facades

Guardian SunGuard® eXtra Selective range of high selective products has excellent thermal and solar control properties. These products will not only emphasize aethetics of your project, but also help to reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning. Using SunGuard® SNX glass is also extra points for environmental certificates LEED or BREEAM.