Glass Type:

Tempered glass

The strong choice

Tempered Guardian glass is the perfect choice where building codes or design specifications require safety glazing. Fully tempered glass is several times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness and configuration. When broken, tempered glass breaks into relatively small fragments that are less likely to cause serious injury.

Compression and tension increase strength

Tempered glass is typically produced by heating ordinary glass to above 600° C, then rapidly cooling it to lock the surface in a state of compression and the core in a state of tension. This greatly increases its strength. As a result, tempered glass cannot be cut or drilled. In fact, any alterations, such as edge grinding, sandblasting or acid etching can cause premature failure.

Tempered glass for insulating glass units

SunGuard® advanced architectural coatings and ClimaGuard® heat treatable residential coatings are designed to perform in tempered state. This includes tempered glass for building facades, entrances, fixed and operable windows, sliding doors and many other applications.


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Monolithic and laminated applications

For applications requiring superior strength and safety properties, such as commercial and residential displays, partitions, storefronts and handrails, or bath and shower enclosures, Guardian can supply you with tempered solutions.

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