Would you like to see a building, resembling a giant glass caterpillar? Then head to Novosibirsk! “Koltsovo” biotechnopark will surprise you not only with its unusual architecture, but with its huge atrium as well. It has a grand rainforest inside, the doors there are sliding and the access to the lab is granted only if your fingerprints are in the database of the facility!

  • Building Type

    Mixed-Use Facility

  • Location

    Кольцово / Koltsovo
    Новосибирск / Novosibirsk, Novosibirskaya oblast
    Russian Federation

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Project Team

This outstanding architectural project was designed by a leading specialists of “Kashin & Gerasimov” design-engineering bureau. To make the concept come true, IGUs of “SibGlass” company were used. The façade consists of four thousand IGUs, and each of them has its own unique geometry.


  • ООО СибГласс