Yawara Neva

Entertainment sports center and yacht-club

Entertainment sports center and yacht-club «Yawara-Neva» sports complex on Bull Island includes a sports center, a training ground with a swimming pool and a sportsground. On the territory of the island there is a yacht-club, capable of accommodating 40 vessels, and VIP cottages with Japanese gardens among them, which are protected from the wind with special glass screens. From above the complex looks like two huge green leaves. At that the buildings echo the contours of the island with their shapes, thus creating an impression as if they stood right on water.

  • Building Type

    Sports Arena

  • Location

    Бычий остров д.1
    Saint Petersburg / Санкт-Петербург, Leningradskaya oblast
    Russian Federation

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Project Team

The complex was designed by «Ingmar architectural construction bureau», LLC, which is headed by Ingmar Vitvitsky.



  • ООО «Ингмар Архитектурно-строительное бюро »


  • ELEMENTFASAD OOO/ ООО Элементфасад