Residential Complex

I’m quarter is located in a prestigious district of Moscow not far from the Garden Ring Road. Two new elegant buildings of 6 and 7 stories, accordingly, are a residential house and an apartment complex, and they seamlessly blend into the atmosphere of the capital districts with their age-long history. The windows of the flats offer a breathtaking view over the Moskva River shore front.

  • Location

    Moscow / Москва, Moscow
    Russian Federation

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Project Team

The authors of the project were designers and architects of Apex bureau, who worked in collaboration with British specialists from David Walker Architects Ltd and Dutch architects from MLA+. Together they managed to make the dream of cozy space for life and recreation in the center of a megalopolis come true.

There are Italian motives in the exterior design of these respectable buildings, as there are porticos and columns on the two lower floors. This makes the houses look harmonic and well-proportioned, adds them featheriness and aeriality. Thanks to the connecting arcades the residents of the prestigious quarter can move around its premises without going out.

To decorate the façade, the architects opted for bricks of three noble shades: beige, chocolate and intense red. Original lighting accentuates the strict classical façade style in darkness.