Legends Arena

Multi-sport venue

This first ever Russian sports facility with three ice arenas under the same roof is definitely proud of its technical perfection and dedication to ice competitions. The main way to manifest itself as a unique ice palace is the façade glazing with multiplanar imprint.

  • Building Type

    Sports Arena

  • Location

    Автозаводская yлица владение 23
    Moscow / Москва
    Russian Federation

Project Team

Multifunctionality, initially presupposed by the project, had direct influence on the architectural planning of the complex. The solution is advanced and highly technological. The ice palace is designed in such a way, that different events could be held at its arenas simultaneously and their visitors or participants would not be bothered. The palace itself consists of two rectangular volumes that are visually included into one thanks to the design of the main façade, which can be interpreted like a sort of an ice mantle or a brightly polished skating rink surface. Its transparency is occasionally disturbed by some slight abstract strokes, which look just like dashes left on the ice by sharp blades of energetic skaters or hockey-players. This décor is consistent throughout the whole façade surface, as the pattern was created with the help of multiplanar imprinting.


  • AO RGC