Business Center

Architecture of modern Moscow is full of experimental projects. Their aim is to look for new forms and styles for different districts of the city. Nowadays outstanding constructions are erected not only in the city center, and they really are the jewels of the capital’s cityscape. Recently erected “Lotos” business center is a vivid example of such architectural masterpieces.

  • Building Type

    Multi-use facility

  • Location

    Одесская ул. 2с
    Moscow / Москва
    Russian Federation

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Project Team

“Speech” architectural bureau developed a unique solution for Lotos business center, creating the sense of constant twisting motion. Dynamics of the shape, created by a horizontal shift, is enhanced by the change of the towers’ contour in the vertical projection. Every floor of the Lotos business center is a curvilinear trapezoid. The higher floors are smoothly changing their shape, the smaller side of the trapeze increases, while the bigger side shrinks in size. Thus, every second floor some part of the façade protrudes, while its opposite side hides behind the previous floor, if you look at it from below. The bright implementation of this rotation effect is possible thanks to the use of special façade elements, compiled from glass modules that are 1,35 meters wide. The glass is installed at an angle, which makes it possible to vary the depth of floor overhang along the curved building sides. All that creates the unity of the shape and the line continuity of the Lotus building. The architects also paid special attention to the top floor, which is a mechanical floor of the towers. They used glass lamellae, which are arranged in chess-board fashion. They reflect the picture, that is currently being drawn by the sun and the clouds, which literally blurs the line between the glazed building and the dome of the skies.