Residential complex

You can’t help paying attention to a business class residential complex in the Vladivostok. This residential estate with a poetic name of Marinist (marine painter) overlooks the capital of the Russian Far East as well as the Sea of Japan.

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    Fontannaya 3
    Vladivostok / Владивосток, Primorskiy kray
    Russian Federation

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There are four towers from 11 to 18 stories each, which are located on the common basement, stylobate. The ventilated facades of the estate are made of self-cleaning Italian ceramic granite. The yard is green and comfortable, it implements the car-free concept. The developer, "Areal-Nedvizhimost", opted for the most modern engineering solutions, such as a diesel-generator set and a heating unit, filtration system for cold water and solid seamless pipes.

The location iself in the center of the city is quite illustrative too – to make space for the erection of the Marinist complex, for instance, the territory of industrial project has been renovated. Production capacities of fish factory (meat-processing plant facilities even earlier) have been carried outside the city. From the panoramic windows of the residential estate one can enjoy breathtaking views over the bridge, the sea and the city.


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