Guardian Glass Webinars

Become an expert with Guardian Glass!

To become an expert together with Guardian Glass is simple! We engage professionals from various fields of theoretical and applied knowledge, from marketing to technical assistance. These specialists are ready to share their invaluable experience and know-hows. ​

It’s almost a year since we launched this project. So far we have organized over fifty webinars and invited more than 25.000 people. It means now there are many more people who are aware of what interference is and how to avoid thermal shock. Our webinars, dedicated to acoustic insulation and heat engineering of translucent constructions have become most popular with our subscribers and followers so far. It means there will be more technological webinars in the nearest future! We are sincerely grateful to everyone who shows interest in what we do! Get all the updates in our Facebook account and be aware of all the latest news and projects online.

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