Heat Strengthened Glass

Heat strengthened glass has been subjected to a heating and cooling cycle and is generally twice as strong as annealed glass of the same type and thickness.

Heat strengthened glass has a greater resistance to thermal stress than annealed glass, yet in monolithic form, it is not suitable for use as a safety glass since, when broken, the fragments are typically larger than those of toughened glass, often being retained in the glazing fram after breakage.

Heat strengthened glass may be used in glazing where additional strength is required to withstand wind or snow loads and thermal stress. It is also used in at least one pane of laminated glass when a strengthened laminate is required, so that if broken, it will assist in retention of the glass in the frame until the glass can be replaced, since two leaves of laminate could cause the plastic interlayer to sag and tear out of the rebates falling to the ground in one piece.

Heat strengthened glass cannot be cut or drilled after heat strengthening and any alterations such as edge grinding, sand blasting or acid etching will weaken the glass and can cause premature failure.

Our Advanced Architectural Glass is designed so it can be heat strengthened by Guardian approved independent SunGuard Select Processors. That means processing can be carried out more quickly and nearer to your project site, ensuring shorter lead times and faster replacements.