Silk-Screened Glass: the Decorative Option

Silk-screened glass is named after the printing process that creates a design or pattern by applying coulored ceramic frit to one surface of a pane of glass. The frit is then fired into the surface during heat strengthening or toughening of the glass.

Silk-screened glass offers designers the exciting opportunity to customise both interior and exterior glass with patterns and colours. It may be used to reduce glare by reducing light transmission or solar gain by reducing heat transmission and it can increase privacy, be used in modesty bands and as manifestation identification in large areas of glass.

Silk-screened glass may be used in monolithic form, in insulating glass units or it may be laminated. The solar performance may be improved by combining it with SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass.

Dark grey is the most common choice for the colour where it is required to be discrete, white is another popular colour but may be slightly coloured by the substrate or coatings. We always recommend that you view a full size outdoor mock-up for assessment of the visual appearance and approval of vision and spandrel glass.

Standard design in various dimensions include:

  • Lines
  • Dots
  • Mesh
  • Custom patterns

Your independent SunGuard Select Processor can help you find or create the right design for your project.