SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass from Guardian is where art and science meet. Where cutting-edge technology helps you create striking statements of light and colour.
Burj Khalifa

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"Marhaba". Middle East / Asia SunGuard Glass welcomes you!

We welcome you to enjoy the advantages of SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass from our Ras Al Khaimah Coater.
  - Local / regional availability of high performance coatings.
  - A product offering of 11 coatings on both clear and green substrates.
  - Maximum coating size is 3.21M x 6.0M.
  - All of our coatings are post-temperable.This means that they can be tempered, laminated or bent after the glass has been coated.
  - Our new Solar series is truly revolutionary!
We continue to add new projects to our website.

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