Architectural application:

Balustrades & barriers

Complete transparency

A million dollar view doesn’t deserve a concrete barrier. It deserves glass. Glass can safely be used for balustrades, railings and barriers both inside and outside. Inside, glass balustrades allow light to pass through, reducing the need for artificial lighting, while adding sophistication to a modern design. Outside, glass provides a connection to the environment and keeps the best views in the world unhindered.


Glass balustrades are used for a variety of functions, allowing the maximum flow of light and views both inside and outside the building. Balustrades are typically used around stairs and lifts, in moving walkways to control the direction of pedestrian traffic, in external windows as a safety barrier and on balconies and terraces, either inside or outside.

By introducing natural daylight deeper into the core of a building, glass balustrades can open up work spaces, creating an open-plan feel. Spaces are filled with light but glass balustrades also allow for quiet or semi-private zones, such as meeting rooms or rest and relaxation areas.

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