Architectural application:


The bathroom's centerpiece

Selecting the right glass for your shower enclosures is critical. The glass must stand up to constant use and often frequent cleaning. Guardian Glass offers a variety of design options that meet this criteria—and enhance the design of your bathrooms.

Use cases

  • Homebuilding
  • Offices
  • Apartments
  • Fitness and sports clubs
  • Universities
  • Hotels

Guardian ShowerGuard

Forever beautiful™

Guardian ShowerGuard® is a unique glass product developed specifically for shower enclosures and other applications where glass is in contact with water. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty from Guardian Glass.

A proprietary protective, chemically inert, ultra-thin layer is bonded into the glass during manufacture. This provides the glass with a barrier to corrosion, a high degree of chemical stability, resistance to glass contaminants and a low coefficient of friction, leaving an ultra-smooth surface that is easier to clean than other competing shower glass products.

ShowerGuard ensures the glass retains its beauty over the life of your shower. A soft cloth or wet sponge is all that’s required to keep your shower glass beautiful. Most common household cleaners can be used on the glass, but are not required.

Look new for a lifetime

Guardian Glass offers leading products for bathrooms. From UltraClear to privacy SatinDeco, we can help create your desired design.

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When you are building new showers, remodeling or just need a new shower door, trust the team at Guardian Glass and our fabricator partners to help find the right solution.

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