Residential application:

Secondary glazing units

Lock in heat. Lock down savings.

Secondary glazing is a cost-effective solution to lower heating and cooling costs by reducing heat loss in colder weather and blocking unwanted heat in warmer weather. The secondary unit preserves the outside appearance of the window because the glazed panes are framed in wood, aluminum or plastic to match the original window.

The units are removable and can be opened for cleaning or fresh air. Secondary glazing is also economical and permanent, providing sound insulation if the panes are spaced sufficiently apart and correctly sealed.

Heat loss from conduction and radiation through the windows in your home can be reduced by over 60%, particularly with the help of a low-emissivity (low-E) coating on the surface of the inner pane that faces the outside.

ClimaGuard® low-E coated glass is formulated to meet specific solar and energy-control needs in line with the most stringent energy codes and guidelines. In cold regions, choosing ClimaGuard residential window glass can significantly reduce heating and energy costs and improve insulation value. In high-heat regions, ClimaGuard glass blocks unwanted solar energy, keeping indoor temperatures comfortably cool. In mild climates or seasons, ClimaGuard glass helps maintain a uniform comfort level throughout your home, reducing unwanted heat gain in rooms with harsh exposures.

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