Guardian Sun

Applications conservatories and orangeries CG

Neutral appearance used for the walls of the conservatory

Guardian Sun is a high-performance low-E conservatory wall glazing solution with a 1.0 U value, combined with a lowsolar factor of just 43%.Guardian Sun offers an exceptionally low reflection of 17% insideand 19% outside, which is rarely seen in thermally insulating Low Eglass providing this level of performance.Designed specifically forthe residential window market and now for conservatory wall glazing,Guardian Sun offers the ideal solution to help keep conservatoriescooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Optimum thermal insulation

U-value of 1.0 W/m²K

Intelligent solar control

Blocks 57% of the sun's solar heat

Low reflection

Preserves beautiful views for your conservatory

Product Information

Glass Substrates

  • ExtraClear


  • 4 - 12 mm


  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Roofs

Manufacturing Options

  • Tempered
  • Laminated
  • Annealed

Available Sizes

  • Maximum Height x Width: 3210 x 6000 mm

Recommended coating positions

  • Double glazed: 2

Edge Deletion

  • Required: Yes

Application type

  • Can be used in: Insulating Glass Unit

Performance Data

  • Visible Light

    1. Transmittance [%] 69.5
    2. Reflectance outside [%] 19.4
    3. Reflectance inside [%] 16.9
    4. Colour Rendering Index (Ra) 94.4
  • Solar Energy

    1. Solar Factor (g) [%] 42.8
    2. Direct transmission[%] 40.8
    3. Reflectance outside [%] 39.1
    4. Absorption [%] 20.1
    5. UV [%] 19.3
  • Coefficients

    1. Shading Coefficient (sc) [g/0.87] 0.49
  • Thermal Properties

    1. U-Value [W/m²·K] 1.1
  • Composition

    1. Composition 4mm / 16 mm / 4 mm - Coating on surface #2
    2. Glass 1 & Coating Guardian Sun on Guardian ExtraClear
    3. Glass 2 & Coating Guardian ExtraClear
    4. Gap 1 10% Air, 90% Argon
    5. Calculation Standard EN 410:2011 / EN 673:2011

Displayed colors are intended to represent actual color. Color is a function of light and reflectivity and cannot be accurately portrayed online. Actual glass samples should be used to determine color. Please order a sample and discuss color with your Guardian Architectural Design Manager to ensure you are pleased with your selection before ordering glass for your project.

The thermal stress guideline is only a rough guide to the thermal safety of a glazing. Other factors such as large glass areas, shapes and patterns, thick glass, glass damaged during shipping, handling or installation, orientation of the building, exterior shading, overhangs/fins that reduce wind speed, and areas with high daily temperature fluctuations can all increase the probability of thermal breakage. The results shown are not for any specific glazing installation and do not constitute a warranty against glass breakage.