LamiGlass Sound Control


LamiGlass Sound Control

The difference is what you can't hear

LamiGlass®Sound Control glass combines excellent acoustic performance with allthe benefits of traditional laminated safety glass. A leap beyondlaminated glass that’s been optimized for sound, it uses a polyvinylbutyral (PVB) interlayer that offers a clearly measurable increase innoise protection, especially in insulating glass.

Combine with most Guardian architectural glass

Most ClimaGuard® residential glass products and SunGuard® advanced architectural glass products

Excellent acoustical performance

Has an independently measured sound reduction (Rw) of up to 51 db

Has the safe-break behavior of laminated glass

Even with the highest demands of a pendulum impact test

Performance and endurance

Tests up to a P2A safety class with a ball-drop test

Lowering stress, raising joy

Noise matters, from psychological effects on a building’s occupants to the impact on a building’s value. LamiGlass Sound Control is constantly tested at the busiest airports and in buildings in the largest cities, as well as in homes around the world. It is proven to reduce noise pollution so building occupants and homeowners experience less stress and more wellbeing.

Design for peace and quiet

Our sound control experts can help you achieve the best sound experience for your building occupants.