SunGuard® Solar

SunGuard® Solar

Reflective buildings are transforming skylines across the globe with facades that mirror, stretch, curve and even distort surrounding city- and landscapes. The SunGuard® Solar series modernises reflective, heat-blocking designs and is a great fit for applications where heavy sun makes excessive solar heat gain an issue. It provides a neutral transmitted colour for the visual comfort of the building occupants and is easy to process.

The modern standard in solar protection

Trusted around the world for its performance

Modern colours

Expressive range of colours and reflections

Chrome-based coating

Creates a futuristic, mirrored look


The SunGuard Solar series demonstrates its value year after year as part of building facades, conservatories, atriums and other spaces vulnerable to solar heat gain. Various colour options in the series give architects and designers additional design choices.

SunGuard® Solar

Bronze 20

Bronze exterior appearance, 19.1% light transmission, 15.9% solar factor

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SunGuard® Solar

Gold 20

Gold exterior appearance, 20.5% light transmission, 17.5% solar factor

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SunGuard® Solar

Grey 20

Grey exterior appearance, 18.9% light transmission, 17.8% solar factor

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SunGuard Solar is trusted by architects who are aiming for a futuristic look, and it has been used on iconic buildings, such as the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and the Bordeaux wine museum, La Cité du Vin. It will be used to clad the world’s first one-kilometer-high skyscraper, Jeddah Tower.

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