Enticing energy efficiency

Dingy displays simply do not sell goods. Today’s competitive market demands that refrigerated goods be displayed with crystal-clear visibility to entice people’s appetites. Market competition also mandates that those same displays be cost-efficient in the form of long life, less energy use and reduced impact on the store’s bottom line.

ThermaGuard® glass products set new standards for performance and aesthetics in commercial refrigeration. These low-emissivity (low-E), antireflective (AR) and hybrid products keep refrigeration units cool and efficient, enabling retailers to use less energy and save on operating costs.

Key Features

  • Retailers use less energy and save operating costs
  • Great visibility for merchandising
  • Supports ENERGY STAR®, EPA and EISA compliance
  • Collaborate on a custom glass or IGU solution
  • Uniquely positioned to satisfy high volume demands
  • 3.2, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 (or 6.1) mm available
  • Controls condensation by increasing temperature of the outer glass surface
  • Scratch-resistance for frequent usage

High performance solutions to meet your needs

ThermaGuard 3
A temperable, low-E option that provides a high level of energy efficiency and added safety as part of an IG unit

ThermaGuard AR
An anti-reflective temperable product that reduces surface reflection and glare while maximizing light transmission

ThermaGuard IGU
A low-emissivity, high performance product for the most demanding refrigeration needs

Custom Solutions
Our engineers, suppliers, sample systems and online tools will support you from concept to completion

Get started

Whether your goal is to battle high temperatures and humidity or to provide ultra-scratch-resistant displays, ThermaGuard can help. Guardian experts are available to help you make the best glass decision or work with us to create your own