Glass type:

Acid-etched glass

Beauty, light and privacy in one elegant solution

Acid-etched glass has a smooth, satin-like decorative surface that scatters light—transforming transparent float glass into translucent glass. It offers privacy and tactile interest to the glass, while still letting in abundant natural light. Architects and designers can use acid-etched glass to create striking and distinctive environments that glow from within.

Our solution: SatinDeco® glass

Manufactured using a proprietary acid-etching process, SatinDeco® glass has a satin-smooth, translucent finish that obscures the view through the glass while maintaining a high level of light transmission. With a variety of options, including double-sided and laminated products, SatinDeco® coated glass can be used for interior decorative and privacy applications, such as doors and partitions. Uniform etching provides consistent privacy and an extra-smooth finish that is both resistant to fingerprints and easy to maintain.