Glass Type:

Anti-condensation glass

The cure for condensation

Using IGUs that meet the highest energy efficiency standards rightfully reduces energy costs and improves interior comfort. It should not, however, mean that the home’s or building’s glass is covered in condensation whenever the weather warrants. Even if condensation demonstrates the IGU’s ability to insulate, it gets in the way of bringing the beauty of the outdoors into a home or office. Guardian Glass fixes that.

With Guardian ClimaGuard® Dry
Without Guardian ClimaGuard® Dry

Our solution: ClimaGuard® Dry

ClimaGuard® Dry is an anti-condensation glass that virtually eliminates the buildup of condensation on the outer glass pane of a double- or triple-glazed unit, allowing clear, uninterrupted views through the glass windows, while still providing thermal insulation.

Applied on surface #1, the coating is highly durable, requires no special maintenance and has a neutral appearance for excellent light transmission.