Sound control glass

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Sound control glass

Excessive sound is no match for Guardian

Acoustics matter for the well-being of people inside your buildings, whether you are recording sound or just trying to concentrate. It’s important to mitigate not only exterior noise but also interior noise, such as conversations or mechanical sounds, for a more peaceful, serene atmosphere.

Guardian Glass offers exceptional solutions for mid- to high-frequency noises typically found indoors, such as speech, radio and television or household appliances. It also offers protection against lower-frequency noises generated from outside sources, such as traffic, airport and industrial activity.

Laminated glass

Guardian LamiGlass® SoundControl combines excellent acoustic performance with all of the benefits of traditional laminated safety glass. It reduces perceivable noise by 50% or more, diminishing outdoor noise and improving indoor acoustics. It can also be used in an insulating glass unit with SunGuard® advanced architectural glass products and ClimaGuard® residential glass products, optimizing the space between glass lights for further noise reduction.

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