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Transportation float glass

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Whether your vehicle drives, floats or flies, Guardian Glass makes float glass than can glaze it. From glass for windshields to body-tinted privacy glass, Guardian offers unmatched technical know-how and experience in float glass production.

Green tinted float

Guardian green float glass is prized for its high light transmission, optical clarity and ability to be fabricated to meet customer needs for performance and aesthetics. Decades of manufacturing experience have resulted in the highest quality float glass for a variety of automotive and transportation applications.

Solar Management Glass (SMG)

The SMG product family balances light transmission with improved solar gain to meet various customer and application requirements. It combines maximum solar heat-absorbing capabilities and exceeds 70% visible light transmission with standard green-glass aesthetics in varying shades, depending on customer needs.


Primarily used for windshield applications and other high light transmission applications


Body glass for the rest of the vehicle, including backlites, sidelites and more


Body glass used for the rest of the vehicle

Privacy glazing

PrivaGuard and MidniteGray II glass formulations are used extensively in automotive glazing applications that require privacy or lower visible light transmission. They are also used where vehicle styling requires a darker look. These products exhibit outstanding heat-absorbing ability with deep-tinted neutral gray aesthetics. They are ideal in applications requiring high-solar-performance, uncoated glass, such as SUVs and trucks, and for roof glazing systems.


Deep-tinted, neutral gray appearance

MidniteGray® II

Deep-tinted, dark gray appearance

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Guardian Glass has earned the reputation of an innovative world leader in float-glass products with proven quality, advanced capabilities and a diverse product portfolio. With a consultative, flexible approach, we work hard to satisfy unique requirements.