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Guardian Glass: Kitchen filled with state-of-the-art appliances

Clear progress

In the competitive world of appliances, manufacturers are always looking for the next big feature or category-creating appliance. Guardian Glass, a global leader in glass technologies, can help appliance manufacturers develop and manufacture amazing designs. From innovative glass products to fruitful collaborations with our Guardian Science & Technology Center, Guardian helps customers use glass to its full potential.

Guardian Engineered Glass Products, the creator of the Heat Barrier glass for self-cleaning ovens, helps customers craft solutions – from advanced coated glass to glass assemblies, electronics integration to supply chain management. Guardian is a proud member of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.

Woman's hands open the black and silver door of oven machine for cooking

Heat Barrier

Low-e glass products for self-cleaning ovens, specially designed to manage heat within designated areas

Refrigerators in the dairy section of a supermarket that use Guardian ThermaGuard glass


A range of low-E, anti-reflective (AR) and hybrid products that set new standards for performance and aesthetics in refrigeration

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Guardian Glass induction cooktop with graphics

From raw glass to integrated glass components

Guardian Glass is a single-source provider of glass components for the appliance industry. Starting with Guardian-made float glass, we can provide advanced coatings, shaping, edgework, decorating, painting, tempering, lamination, electronics and mechanicals integration, insulated glass units and more. The result is a trusted, streamlined resource for the industry's “always on” needs.

Man holding a glass sample with silk-screened dots

Your partner in design

Guardian supports your product development team with the expertise to push the boundaries of glass and the facilities to mass produce our recommendations. We offer advanced glass coating technologies to enhance user experiences, as well as painting, decorating and tinted glass options for products to stand out in the marketplace.

Guardian Glass team

Global supply, local support

With centers of excellence in Chicago and Luxembourg, Guardian Glass is committed to the needs of the appliance industry through support, research and supply chain expertise. With plants around the world and some of the most preeminent researchers in material science, Guardian Glass is one of the most trusted names in the glass industry.