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SunGuard® SNX 70+

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SunGuard™ SNX 70+

New Guardian SunGuard™ SNX 70+ is our most consistently neutral triple silver coating yet*. While also delivering high light transmission and truer transmitted color.

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Enhanced neutrality, however you look at it.

You’ll not only benefit from the best light to solar gain ratio in the North American SunGuard range, along with sharper and more vivid views, but also a more neutral reflected color even when viewed from an oblique angle.

*Within our North American SunGuard Triple Silver coatings portfolio. 


Rendering intended to represent SunGuard™ SNX 70+ on UltraClear™ glass in real use conditions.

More light, less solar heat gain.

SunGuard SNX 70+ delivers a high light transmission of 68% and a low solar heat gain coefficient of just 0.28**. With a low U-value of 0.28, it’s clear how the glass can offer enhanced comfort and energy efficiency – by maximizing natural light and helping reduce the demand for artificial temperature regulation.

**On Guardian UltraClear glass, simulated as a 1" air-filled insulating glazing unit.

More light, less solar heat gain.

Neutral color with transparency.

With a low exterior reflectivity of 14% and a high color rendering index of 94.5, SunGuard SNX 70+ better connects interior and exterior spaces while also making outward views truer and more vivid. Its neutral transmitted color also means the view inside is closer to natural. White interiors in particular retain their whiteness, helping to showcase the architectural design more accurately.

Neutral color with transparency.

Consistently neutral, however you look at it.

Many glass coatings lose reflected colour neutrality when viewed from an angle. SunGuard SNX 70+, however, maintains a more neutral aesthetic even when viewed from an oblique angle. This means a building can remain truer to your initial neutral design vision.


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SunGuard® SNX 70+ substrate options

A wide range of thicknesses and glass substrates are available with SunGuard SNX 70+.
This includes a standard sheet size of 130" x 204" and a super jumbo option of 130" x 240".

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