Hurricane impact resistant glazing

Enhanced protection for high-risk coastal areas

Guardian offers laminated glass solutions to protect people and property in coastal areas prone to tropical storms and hurricanes. Specifically, Guardian offers solutions that contribute hurricane impact resistance as required by building codes in regard to impacts from small missiles like roof gravel, and large missiles like tree limbs and garbage cans.

About Hurricane Impact-Resistant Glazing

Coastal areas of North America have developed formal codes, or have adopted model codes, to help prevent catastrophic building failures during hurricanes. Initial requirements enacted in Miami-Dade County, Florida have been used as a model for areas like Texas, the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Seaboard. As codes vary regionally, architects are encouraged to research local requirements when starting new projects.

Local building codes require that windows and glazed openings, including their support systems, withstand high winds and flying debris impacts without developing openings that can allow excessive air infiltration and water intrusion. Laminated glass can help satisfy these requirements. When broken, fragments of laminated glass stay largely adhered to the interlayer, delivering protection to the building occupants through the durability of the building envelope.

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