CrystalGray from Guardian Glass - Light-transmitting, light-gray glass with improved solar control

Light gray glass for expanded choice

CrystalGray tinted float glass offers a more muted glass color than common gray and blue float glass. Five color combinations reduce reflectivity and glare and lower the solar heat gain coefficient by 20 percent compared with coated clear glass. CrystalGray glass can help projects qualify for LEED®credits.

A breadth of options

CrystalGray glass can be combined with many SunGuard® products, and can be used monolithically, tempered, laminated and fabricated. CrystalGray glass can also be used on the exterior or interior lite of a vision insulated glass unit or in spandrel glass applications.

Improved solar control

CrystalGray glass reduces heat gain to levels previously achieved only by highly reflective glass, helping architects meet stricter energy codes and achieve LEED certification.