Guardian Glass in

Galax, Virginia

The Guardian Glass manufacturing facility in Galax, Virginia, has extensive production capabilities for the residential, architectural, interior and transportation industries. The Galax plant boasts a wide product portfolio, large trucking fleet and exemplary service that you would expect from a glass fabricator that has been in business for 30+ years.

Whether you need high volume, stock or make-to-order products, Guardian Glass in Galax has the capabilities needed to be your preferred glass partner.

Insulating Glass

  • Automated capabilities that support producing insulating glass (IG) units with Quanex Super Spacer®
  • Manual lines producing standard and shaped IG units with Quanex Super Spacer, Duraseal® and Duralite® spacer products
  • Full capabilities including multiple grid options, capillary tubes, gas options, and the ability to produce oversized units

Tempered Glass

  • Multiple high-quality tempering furnaces equipped with lite sentry systems to ensure high quality production.
  • Production standards exceeding ASTM standards.
  • Full sequencing capability
  • Guardian in Galax is a SGCC®-certified facility

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Laminating Glass

  • High-volume and made-to-order production, capable of producing standard, acoustic, hurricane, forced entry, ballistic and color applications
  • Competitive custom and made-to-order lead times
  • Comprehensive stocking program of readily available billet laminated glass
  • Guardian in Galax is a SGCC®-certified facility

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Wet Coatings

  • Copper and copper-free mirror production
  • Polishing, V-groove and beveling capabilities
  • Deco HT post-temperable back-painted glass suitable for spandrel or interior office walls
  • Comprehensive stocking program

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Designed to Support the Most Stringent Customer Demands

Beyond the outstanding products we produce, Guardian Glass offers strategic advantages for our customers.

  • Customer-focused Technology. Full custom sequencing and sorting capabilities to match our customers’ production process
  • Quality Control. Production processes that meet the refined standards of Guardian’s most stringent customers
  • Owned-and-Operated Trucking Fleet. High-frequency, multi-stop delivery capable of delivering anywhere in the contiguous United States, with a variety of trailer types to fit your needs
  • Wide-ranging Inventory. Leverage our vast inventory and easy availability to reduce your inventory level and increase cash flow

Endless Possibilities

Guardian Glass is a dedicated partner to customers big and small with the global resources to support complex needs. These resources include:

  • Technical glass experts available for structural, thermal, and acoustic modeling, as well as other complex problem-solving
  • Glass testing proficiencies, utilizing in-house laboratories
  • An ever-evolving float, coating, and value-added glass product portfolio designed to improve people’s lives

The Galax team, backed by their Guardian Glass colleagues around the world, is ready to help your company achieve more with glass.

Download our detail sheet for more information on standard glass types, automated and manual insulating lines, lamination, heavy fabrication, tempering, mirrors, Deco HT, transportation and other insulating capabilities.

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